Tracey Harvey AGORA GALLERY exhibition

Tracey Harvey, Australian Artist

I love to notice the small details of texture, shape and colour, that exist all around us but are often not noticed in our busy lives. I love the land and the sea, and have travelled through and lived in many countries, all of whose memories and experiences have encouraged me to capture the fleeting moments of light and colour and their interaction with people and the landscape. I am inspired by nature and hope to translate a positive experience for those who see my work. I love to use oils with their smooth, buttery feel, and acrylics with the expressive speed that they permit. I love to create abstract works, which combine a variety of techniques and many layers to create depth and interest, using a variety of implements to apply the paint. I hope that my works stimulate thoughts of wonder about what might have influenced each work and that perhaps people will be drawn back to happy memories of the world around us.