Commissions & Lease

I’m happy to take commissions if you can’t find the perfect painting in my gallery. Also, if you need a painting for a temporary period, I can help you choose a painting to lease.

Commission A Painting

When I create a painting commission, specifically for your home or office, I follow a tried and true process. Depending on the brief, it may take a couple of visits to refine the details. At our first meeting, this is generally how the conversation goes and the aspects I have to think about….

Colour Palette

I take stock of your preferences by observing your interior décor style. Alternatively, you will brief me as to your vision.

Painting Techniques

We will chat about various painting styles and I’ll show you examples of my work. It’s easier for people to identify what they like in this way.

Size of Painting

We will measure the space where you wish to hang the painting. (The painting will usually be larger than most clients initially think.) I often use a projector, which helps to define the scale and look.


I will then provide you with a written quote and a simple industry-standard contract, so we both understand what we’ve agreed to, and when you can expect to receive your painting. Sketch A sketch or colour mock-up will make sure I am on the correct path and that you are happy.

Tracey in her studio

Get in Touch

Quality Investment

All my canvases are custom made and of very high quality. I also use the highest quality pigment and paints. These are expensive, but these are important if you want your investment to last.

Please use the form to enquire about commissioning a painting.

Lease A Painting

Generally, I lease paintings when they are required for a temporary period, e.g. during the sale of a property or for a styled photo shoot. The work is leased for 12.5% of its retail value and the lease fee is paid on a monthly renewal or as per our agreement. A contract is in place to protect both parties and if you decide to buy the painting I deduct the lease fee from the sale price.

Please use the form to enquire about leasing.

Tracey Harvey's studio

Tracey’s Painting In Situ

Tracey's painting in a modern room
Tracey's painting in a modern room
Tracey's painting in a modern room