Art fair shows my paintings to a wide audience

It was thrilling to have my work at Artexpo New York in April. Over four days, the art fair at Pier 94 saw about 25,000 people through the door. With more than 400 exhibitors showing the work of over 1,000 artists, I’m sure it was an eye-filling experience!

Agora Gallery showcased my work and their booth was excellently positioned just inside the ticketing entrance and close to the VIP section.

Zeljka Himbele, Assistant Director of Agora Gallery, said there were ‘numerous great comments’ about my work and, I’m delighted that two of my paintings went to a new home, thanks to the boost of the Expo and the work of the Agora gallerists.

It’s also really encouraging that, since then, I have been approached by some other galleries in NYC who are interested in showing my work and representing me.

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