Leasing my paintings in show houses and private houses that are on the market results in them selling – both paintings and houses!

Mint Real Estate and Mortimer and White Interior designers are some of my regular customers who lease my paintings to vitalise houses that are up for sale or due for a photo shoot. Quite often the paintings sell too. Not only to the house buyer but often to the seller too.

What’s the deal with leasing art?

Basically, I lease the work for 12.5% of its retail value and the lease fee is paid on a monthly renewal or as per our agreement.

A contract is in place to protect both parties and if the painting sells I deduct the lease fee from the sale price.

There’s nothing like seeing a painting in situ to decide whether you want to keep it forever or not….

How to choose the right painting?

I’m quite accommodating as an artist, I think. I will take my paintings to people on spec, so they can assess which paintings fit best in their space or with their decor. But, my paintings tend to be quite large and therefore heavy.

It’s strenuous work – wrapping and transporting large paintings. So, recently I purchased a mini projector to project images of my paintings onto the client’s wall. It’s an easy way for someone to try out a painting for size and colour and also a great way to help people visualise how a commissioned or leased piece might work. It also saves my back!

Find out more about commissioning and leasing my paintings.

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