Photo of Claire and Tracey in the exhibition

Wow! Having a solo exhibition is a lot of work. I’m exhausted but also exhilarated.

I sold 12 paintings and have raised $4,600.91 to go towards the establishment of an OI clinic in WA (basically 65% of the exhibition takings). It seems like a lot of work and expense for not a huge donation. However, I feel the exhibition and our team efforts have gone some way to raising awareness of the issues around early diagnosis and integrated, tailored care for OI sufferers. I hope you agree? (Please comment below. I love to hear from you.)

Confidence Booster

It has been wonderful to see the change in Claire, my 12-year-old god-daughter, over the exhibition. She performed amazingly in front of the cameras for Today Tonight, The Sunday Times and The Post. She also sold her painting at auction to a buyer that is clearly over the moon with her purchase. Claire has even been asked to complete a large painting on commission. All due to the exhibition and the media coverage. Such a boost in confidence means that Claire is no longer (well, for the time being) shy about talking about her condition of brittle bones. She has expressed an understanding that everyone has something in their life that may be holding them back or perhaps they are ashamed of, but you can use it to make you stronger.

 Article in The Post, 3 Feb 2018 (Community News, p62)

It’s not too late to buy a painting or donate!

If you missed the exhibition and are keen to see the paintings, you can view and purchase via my Store on my website. Thank you to all who attended, to all the buyers and to everyone that has donated to MyCause. (BTW – you can still donate. All donations above $2 are tax deductible.)

The exhibition took place at Gallows Gallery in Mosman Park, 2-10 February 2018.

Thank you

Thank you to sponsors:

Lenton Brae Winery, Swanbourne Cellars, Chandon Australia, Taylor Rd IGA, Mobilia, Hire Society, Pit Crew Management Consulting.

… and thank you to

My family – Greg, Lachie, Lucca and my parents // Claire, Fern and Peter Dyball // Mario Dorazio // Aris Siafarikas // Kathryn Rowley for giving me this opportunity to exhibit at Gallows // Orla, Christophe, Carola and Di for help in photography, design, PR and marketing // Rick and Lilly at Arthritis and Osteoporosis WA // Cait and Paula at Child and Adolescent Health Services // Jen and Lizzie at Artisan Table for the amazing food // Penny, Pia and Grace in the office //Ben , Izzie and friends for helping with the drinks // Kathryn McCarthy (musician) // Jamie Harrington (auctioneer) // Friends … Tania, Clay, Fern, Pete, Sharon, Pete, Samantha, Lachie and Lucca who have trudged many miles helping me deliver invitations. And all my friends who have forwarded on invitations and supported me in this venture.

Installation shot f the Little Pieces of Me exhibition at Gallows Gallery, Perth. Installation shot f the Little Pieces of Me exhibition at Gallows Gallery, Perth.

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