Photo of my painting in the Nexia office

Sometimes it’s more convenient to lease art. Maybe your office arrangement isn’t permanent or you are not sure what type of art you really want to live with at home. This is when leasing art, instead of buying it, can be a great way to keep your spaces bright and interesting while you are in a temporary situation or one of indecision!

Recently I leased two paintings to Nexia, through Artsource’s artLease program. According to Elli Gemmo, the consultant at Artsource, the Nexia folks love having my art on their walls.

When you lease my art your space is infused with colour. Pictured here is my painting in the Nexia office in Perth.

Art lease helps to sell houses too!

Interior designers and the folks who ‘style’ houses for sale often request short-term lease of my paintings. As we have all seen lately, the effect of beautifully arranged and well chosen artefacts and homewares make a world of difference when you want to photograph your home for or one of those sites.

Choose a big enough painting

People often choose paintings that are too small! I know this sounds crazy but a small painting on a big wall has no impact. Be brave – and go big!

Or choose a collection of smaller paintings of varying sizes and ask a curator or art consultant about how best to arrange them on the wall.

If you have any queries about choosing the right painting for your space, contact me and we can chat about making the most of art.

You can also read more on my blog and on my Facebook page about how I go about leasing or commissioning artworks.

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