Presenting my first solo show at Gallows Gallery in aid of Osteogenesis Imperfecta in February 2018 was a mighty under-taking, but it was so rewarding on many counts. Not only was I able to raise vital funds to support families suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, but the Bone Clinic, which we contributed to, is up and running now. Thank you to everyone who supported me on this ad/venture.

My god-daughter Claire performed for TV and shone even more brightly as a result of the whole experience. She even scored a commission and I’ve been kept busy with the year’s worth of private commissions that the exhibition generated!

When Claire was asked to paint a commission piece by a friend of mine after seeing her work at my exhibition, I helped Claire set up with the basics and gave some guidance along the way. She has produced a very special piece. So special she entered it in the UWA Young Artist Awards and I am very proud to say she is a finalist. Very exciting. (The winner will be announced in January 2020.)

Commissions can be nerve-wracking

The challenging part of painting commission pieces is the hope that you can adequately meet (or preferably exceed) the client brief.

I always offer a full consultation service as most people are not very sure of what exactly they are after – so we discuss size, colours and suggestions for compositions and work from there. The client is always closely involved in the process of producing their commission piece.

Even if somewhat nerve wracking, I really enjoy the commission process; it is tremendously rewarding. I’ve had so many lovely clients call me to say how much they are enjoying their piece, which I so love to hear.

Cost-effective workplace deco

I also continue to lease paintings. It is a very cost effective way for a businesses to brighten up their work spaces.

You can read more about my Commissioning and Leasing process on the webpage.

Contact me if you are interested in leasing or commissioning a painting.

Refresh your home with colour and texture.

Earlier this year I decided to have a clean sweep of our home – with a complete colour and furniture makeover.

I have long admired the beautifully designed furniture that Mobilia in Perth represents. So – with my paintings in mind, I chose a new range of furnishings and wall paint colours. I think you will agree that these photos (see below or click on photo above) prove the uplifting impact that colour, texture and good design can have in the home. I am so delighted with the final effect.

All the paintings and drawings featured here are by me. I chose the furniture and selected my paintings to complement each other; even painting new very large works to amp up the drama.

Let me know if you are interested in commissioning one or more paintings, large or small, for your home. I really love creating works that ‘sing’ in concert with their surroundings.

Be stunned by the professional photography

A huge thanks to Dion Robeson who created these sumptuous, stunning photos – so I can share my ‘home’ project with you, to inspire you too to have a makeover or to be bold in your choices at your new home or workplace. There is so much comfort to be gained from beautifully designed surroundings and art.

Dion is an architectural and interior photographer based in Perth. He was so responsive and intuitive in his approach. Have a look at his Blog and Instagram feeds for inspo.

Let me know if you have any questions. And contact Mobilia if you are interested in any of the furniture displayed here.

Colour: Art by Tracey Harvey; Furniture by Mobilia Colour: Art by Tracey Harvey; Furniture by MobiliaColour: Art by Tracey Harvey; furnishings by Mobilia Colour: Art by Tracey Harvey; Furniture by Mobilia Paintings by Tracey Harvey; Furnishings by Mobilia Paintings by Tracey Harvey; Furnishings by Mobilia        Colour: Art by Tracey Harvey; Furniture by Mobilia

© All art by Tracey Harvey. Selected furniture and furnishings sourced at Mobilia, Perth.